CEPHEUS STEEL’s Stainless Steel Angle Bar: A Trusted Global Standard

At CEPHEUS STEEL, we are proud suppliers of high-quality stainless steel angle bars, a critical component in various industries ranging from construction and manufacturing to automotive and aerospace. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our detailed product process, ensuring that each bar meets the highest standards before it reaches your hands.


FOB Price and Ordering Details

Our competitive FOB price range for the stainless steel angle bar starts at US $0.5 and goes up to $9,999 per piece, depending on the specifications and quantity ordered. We have a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, ensuring that we can cater to both small and large scale projects with ease.


Supply Capacity and Delivery Commitment

CEPHEUS STEEL boasts a robust supply capacity, capable of delivering 10,000 pieces per month. This ensures that even the most extensive projects are not delayed due to shortages in material supply. Once an order is confirmed, our efficient delivery system guarantees a rapid turnaround time of just 7-10 days, helping you stay on schedule with your project requirements.


Shipping Ports and Geographical Reach

We offer shipping from several major ports in China, including Shanghai, Ningbo, and Shenzhen. This geographical advantage allows us to serve a global clientele, offering flexibility and convenience in logistics and transportation.


Origin and Quality Assurance

All our stainless steel angle bars are made in China, adhering to stringent production standards that align with international quality benchmarks. The origin of our products is a testament to their reliability and durability, qualities that have made CEPHEUS STEEL a trusted name in the stainless steel market.


Payment Terms for Your Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of flexible payment terms that accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. We accept payments via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) and Letter of Credit (L/C), ensuring secure and convenient transactions.


Standards We Follow

CEPHEUS STEEL’s stainless steel angle bars are manufactured in compliance with a wide array of international standards, including ASTM, AISI, SUS, JIS, EN, DIN, GB, and ASME. This multi-standard approach guarantees that our products are globally recognized and accepted, no matter which corner of the world they are used in.


Mill Partnerships for Consistency and Excellence

Our products are produced in partnership with leading mills such as Pocso, Tisco, Lisco, Jisco, Bao Steel, and H Wang. These collaborations ensure that we have access to state-of-the-art technology and processes, allowing us to maintain consistency in quality and performance across all our stainless steel angle bars.



When you choose CEPHEUS STEEL for your stainless steel angle bar needs, you are choosing a company that values precision, quality, and customer satisfaction. With our affordable pricing, flexible order quantities, rapid delivery times, and adherence to global standards, we are your one-stop solution for all your stainless steel angle bar requirements. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we look forward to serving you with the same dedication that has made us a leader in the stainless steel industry.If you are interested, please contact us:Email:jessica@cepheus.com.cn.

Post time: May-27-2024